Rhetoric of Gaming and its Cultural ImpactSemester Course

Rhetoric of Gaming and its Cultural Impact, semester course at DIS Copenhagen
Major Discipline(s)
Communication, Computer Science, Rhetoric
Paused Course
This course is currently paused for the Fall 2021 semester. It will run in other semesters.
Elective Course
Spring semester

If you have ever played a game in your life, yet never considered its implications, then this course is for you. Through examples of board and video games, we analyze games as a communicative system, while assessing the cultural impact of games and the gaming community that surrounds it. Scandinavia, with its thriving culture of independent game developers, is a unique context to critically study games from a cultural and rhetorical perspective.

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Anthropology, Sociology


Iben Schandel

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Cand.Scient. (Medialogy, specialized in Games, Aalborg University in Copenhagen). Master's thesis focused on the relations between players and characters in digital games. Worked with various aspects of game development and design, such as hybrid board games, PC games, and virtual reality. With DIS since 2015.

Communication, Iben Schandel