Research Assistant: Futurization of Thinking and BehaviorSemester Course

DIS Copenhagen, Research Assistant - Futurization of Thinking and Behavior
Major Discipline(s)
Psychology, Sociology
Elective Course
Fall semester

This multi-disciplinary project looks into the emerging concept of ‘futurization.’ The aim is to propose an empirical definition of this new concept and to disentangle it from the concept of the ‘future’. Currently, it is noted that ‘futurization’ is being used in the context of policy-making, however, without clear definition, it creates ambiguous reactions. What does it actually mean to say ‘futurization of politics’ or ‘futurization of thinking’ or ‘futurization of behavior’? This pilot project explores the image of the future that laypeople have. What concepts and imagery do they associate with the term ‘futurization’? What are their hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties about it?

The classical temporal dilemma, conflict between short-term and long-term interests, drives our look into the concept of ‘futurization.’ Decisions made today can have far-reaching consequences for individuals, societies, and ecosystems in the future. Yet far too often, present feelings are so powerful that considerations of future events are neglected; individual interests in the present become fulfilled at the expense of the common interest for the future and the generations to come.

The project aims to identify opportunities to foster long-term thinking in individuals. This research explores, for example, the potential benefits of transformations towards sustainability, and of a conscious approach to long-term thinking and behaving. The project links research perspectives on future challenges and sustainable actions to the daily life of an individual.

The pilot stage of this research project is based on the phenomenological approach and includes both qualitative and quantitative research methodology, however, with a stronger focus on the qualitative side such as focus groups. Based on this, next steps involve creating an interactive installation and gathering more data by recording interaction and conducting post-visit interviews.

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Organizational Behavior, Sustainability


Anna Sircova

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Ph.D. (2008, Moscow State University). M.A. in clinical psychology (2000-2004, Moscow State University). Founder of the International Research Network on Time Perspective (2006 - present). Contributor to Time Diagnostics, London, UK (2013 - present). Supervisor of BA, MA and PhD students at Tallinn University in Estonia and at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia (present). Furthermore Dr. Sircova works as an independent researcher in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Sircova’s research interests are within psychological time, cultures, design thinking, creativity, complex systems and social simulations. With DIS since 2014.

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