NeuroplasticitySemester Course

DIS Copenhagen Neuroplasticity Elective Course
Major Discipline(s)
Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine / Health Science, Psychology
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course focuses primarily on neuroplasticity from a neurobiological perspective. By the end of the course you gain an understanding of the neural development of the human brain over time, with a special focus on the adult brain and neuroplasticity with respect to learning, aging, and brain repair following disease or acquired brain injury.

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Human Development


Bettina Hornbøll Borch

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD (Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen, 2017), MSc. (Neurobiology, University of Copenhagen, 2006), BA (Biology, University of Copenhagen, 2004). Founder of CogniCation; cognitive communication. Has been conducting neuroscience research for approx. 10 years, investigating emotion processing in the brain using imaging. With DIS since 2012.