Integrated Climate Change PlanningSemester Course

Integrated Climate Change Planning, elective course at DIS Copenhagen
Major Discipline(s)
Sustainability, Urban Design, Urban Studies
Course End Date Note
This course will last run in the semester of XX and will be replaced by Integrated Climate Change Planning.
Elective Course

Cities in Europe are global front-runners for climate initiatives to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to current and future climatic changes. This course focuses on some of the opportunities and challenges associated with the integration of climate change concerns into the heart of urban planning. The journey takes us on urban exploration while analyzing the synergies, conflicts, and trade-offs between mitigation and adaptation, understanding how planners address the complexities of planning for many uncertain conditions, and the ways in which climate change has become a driver for resilient urban development.


Silvia Dragomir

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Architect and advocate of Cities for People, with an MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning from Aalborg University and MSc in Architecture from Bucharest and Bordeaux. Her professional profile includes a collaboration with KANT architects, owner of an architecture studio with focus on sustainability, climate change adaptation and mitigation. Her passion is sharing knowledge and creating better living environments. With DIS since 2015.