Geoeconomics: The Economics and Politics of the Emerging Global DisorderSemester Course

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Globalization and an open liberal world economy are giving way to a world where political competition between the United States, the EU, China, and others increasingly directs the flow of economic goods and resources around the globe. This course uses institutional economics to explore the deep structure of markets and why they must be nested within supportive political institutions; the postwar emergence of the present open liberal world economy; and the political and economic forces that now threaten its fragmentation.


David M. Rowe

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

David M. Rowe teaches political economy, comparative politics, and international relations at Kenyon College.  His research has focused on three major themes: economic sanctions, globalization’s role in causing World War I, and the foundations of social order.  Through January 2023, he will be a Fulbright NATO Security Studies scholar in Brussels, Belgium researching the future of the transatlantic alliance.  He has also been a Fulbright Distinguished Professor at the University of Innsbruck, a fellow at the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs, a MacArthur Foundation – SSRC Fellow in International Peace and Security, and held grants from the Pew Memorial Trust and the National Science Foundation.