Future is Now: Science Fiction in Film, Literature, and Video GamesSemester Course

DIS Copenhagen, Elective Course, Future is Now: Science Fiction in Film, Literature, and Video Games
Major Discipline(s)
Film Studies, Literature, Media Studies
New Course Note
This course starts in Fall 2020.
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Looking at science fiction as a form of potential realism, vital to how we imagine our future, we explore topics such as space travel, environmental disasters, and the disruption of our notions of sex, gender, and social worlds. Through literature, film, TV, comics, and video games, we raise questions such as: Which futures are possible? What conventions and fundamental concepts do we live by? What is ‘human’ or ‘non-human’? How do we perceive time and death? Why the fascination with the alien ‘other’? As we begin to wonder and fantasize about possible worlds, we question our own.

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History, Visual Arts


Morten Lykkegaard

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Cand.mag. (History of Literature, Modern Culture and Philosophy, University of Aarhus, 2003). Former editor of Lettre Internationale. With DIS since 2013.

European Humanities, Morten Lykkegaard