Econometrics Applied: Making Data TalkSemester Course

DIS Copenhagen, Elective Course, Econometrics Applied
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Course End Date Note
This course will last run in the semester of Fall 2023 and will be replaced by Data-Informed Business Strategies.
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Data is the raw material of the information age, the new gold, as some say. Knowing how to handle and analyze data and to draw the right conclusions is a key qualification both in a business and in an economic policy environment. This course in applied econometrics provides you with insight and experience in how to apply statistical methods to examine a wide range of questions in economics and beyond.


Nicola Menale

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Studied Business Economics in Vanvitelli University (Italy) in 2011 (with Thesys focused in Game Theory & Microeconomics). MSc in Economics and Social Sciences in Bocconi University (Italy) in 2013 with Thesys focused in Game theory & Decision Making. Master in Data Science at Nicoló Cusano University (Italy) in 2020 with Thesys focused in Deep Neural Network. Since 2013 he is working in Copenhagen in the data analysis field. He worked for International companies as Oticon A/S, Hollister inc., Radiometer A/S and he is currently working in Danske Bank as Senior Business Intelligence Analyst. Nicola's motto is "In God we trust, all the rest must bring data"." With DIS since 2019.