Behavioral Economics: European Case StudiesSemester Course

Behavioral Economics: European Case Studies, Semester Course
Major Discipline(s)
Business, Economics
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Behavioral economics rethinks the standard economic model of human behavior by integrating experiential and psychological research into economic theory. This course is based on behavioral economic theory and cases from Denmark and Europe examining choices of individuals. Theoretical skills are developed through work with conflicting theories, and analytical skills by working with data on human choices in experiments.


Toke Fosgaard

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD (University of Copenhagen, 2010). Visiting Scholar at University of Amsterdam (2008). Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen (2010 – Present). With DIS since 2012. 

Jimmy Martínez-Correa

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Ph.D., (Risk Management and Insurance, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, 2012), M.A., (Economics, Universidad de los Andes, 2005), B.A., (Economics, Universidad de los Andes, 2005). Junior Economist, Department of Financial Stability at the Central Bank of Colombia, 2003-2005. Chief Economist, Trade Association of Insurers of Colombia, 2005-2007. Fellow, Center for Economic Analysis of Risk at Georgia State University, 2012-present. Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2012-present. With DIS since 2013.