Meet DIS Student, Shelby

Shelby, Barnard College, studied abroad at DIS Copenhagen. During their semester, they passed on advice for creating a unique study abroad experience.

Shelby’s letter is shared here: 

I’m sure that by now, you’ve been told way too many times that “studying abroad changes your life.” When people told me this, I didn’t think much of it – our lives are always changing. Yet, as I began to write this letter to you, I couldn’t help asking myself how my life has changed because of my time here in Copenhagen.

I haven’t switched majors or figured out what I want to do after college, but, naturally, my semester has been full of new connections, knowledge, and experiences. From watching the seas meet at Skagen (the most northern point of Denmark), to sharing stories during lunch with refugees, to being introduced to some of my new favorite artists, to finding out that I hate rye bread, I’ve accumulated a whole semester of experiences that, whether or not I know how, will shape me as a person.

This will be your semester to figure something out, to be open to what is new, to grow.”

Some say it’s the networking and academics that are most influential; others, the friendships and time for self-exploration. I don’t know if we can all perfectly fit into one of these categories, but that’s part of what makes studying here so great. There is no single study abroad experience and DIS recognizes that. They give you a vast range of opportunities to choose from so that you can create the most fulfilling semester for you.

This will be your semester to figure something out, to be open to what is new, to grow.

I wish you the best as you discover your own unique path abroad!

Shelby walks you through their semester in Copenhagen: