Fall in Copenhagen

Experience fall in Copenhagen through the eyes of DIS students Jeffrey and Suzi.

Fall in Copenhagen is spectacular. Experience the changing of the seasons, with beautiful and sunny days calling for outdoors adventures around the city, and the occasional wet and windy ones perfect for cozy indoors activities.

I’ve always been a person who hates taking risks and shies away from the unknown, but when you live abroad and travel a lot, there are a lot of worries that you have to overcome. I’ve been able to prove to myself that I can overcome the unexpected and I hope to enter into other chapters of my life with less fear.”

Suzi, Eastern University

Learn more about what to expect when studying abroad with DIS in Copenhagen during the fall. Former students Jeffrey and Suzi give you a glimpse of academics at DIS, Field Studies, housing, extracurriculars, Danish culture, and everyday life in the city.

Jeffrey’s October in Copenhagen

Jeffrey, Vanderbilt University, shows you his October in Copenhagen. Homestay coziness, experiential academics, the charming Tivoli Gardens, and breathtaking views during Study Tour are only some of Jeffrey’s highlights from this month.

During his 2019 fall semester in Copenhagen, Jeffrey lived in a Homestay within easy commuting distance from DIS. His Core Course was Health Delivery and Prioritization and his electives were Neuroscience of Fear, Queer and Subversive Writers in European Cities, Healthcare Strategies for At-Risk Populations, and Neuroimaging of the Disordered Brain.

Danish living seems to be summed up fairly well by two words: simplicity and appreciation. Simplicity in terms of not needing copious amounts of really anything – pastries, clothes, and living space, to name a few. Appreciation in relation to living in the moment, appreciating time with others, and what life has to offer.”

Jeffrey, Vanderbilt University

Suzi’s December in Copenhagen

Suzi, Eastern University, had the full December in Copenhagen experience. As Christmas lights lit up the city during the darkest month of the year, Suzi studied for her finals and geared up for the end of semester showcase, but also found time to visit Christmas markets and decorate a tree with her Homestay.

During her 2019 fall semester in Copenhagen, Suzi lived in a Homestay that turned out to be a perfect match for her. Suzi’s Core Course was Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict and her electives were Identity Lab: Transforming Prejudice, Discrimination, and Conflict, Holocaust & Genocide, Danish Politics and Society, and Danish Language & Culture.

The Fall in Scandinavia Series

Fall is a perfect time to study abroad in Scandinavia. Just like Copenhagen, Stockholm offers high-impact academics, exciting faculty-led Study Tours, and a city filled with activity during the fall season.