DIS COVID FAQs for Fall 2021

Last update: August 16, 2022

Life at DIS looks very much like before the pandemic: classes are in person, Field Studies and Study Tours are bringing students into workplaces and learning spaces all over Europe, and DIS housing is back to normal capacity (i.e. most students live with roommates). Students are asked to stay home when ill and contact DIS so that we can help. Follow our current students’ adventures on the DIS Student Blogs for Copenhagen and Stockholm, and DIS Summer. 

Should the pandemic take another turn, we’ll continue to follow all local regulations and public health guidance. We’ve been running programs throughout the pandemic and are ready to re-introduce various mitigation efforts swiftly if necessary. You can always visit these pages published by local public health authorities for the latest updates: 

Denmark’s COVID-19 Rules and Regulations
Sweden’s National Guidelines and Recommendations to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19  

For Fall Semester 2022 and Spring Semester 2023: While we are confident that we will be able to run a full and robust program, DIS has a flexible cancellation policy so you can cancel at any time before Arrival Day with no financial penalty – we’ll refund all tuition and fees paid to DIS, including your deposit. 

We hope you will find these responses to frequently asked questions useful; contact us at or 800-247-3477 for more.

What is the status of COVID-19 in Denmark and Sweden today? 
Thanks to very high local vaccination rates and the relative mildness of the Omicron/BA2 variant, both Denmark and Sweden lifted all COVID-19 restrictions in February 2022. Masks are not widely worn, testing is no longer a regular part of life, and events and gatherings are back in full swing.

Students can count on more details, resources, and recommendations for connecting with local communities in their online pre-departure course, at orientation, and upon arrival. 

What about vaccination?
Scandinavia’s robust health care systems and high level of trust in authorities mean that a large majority of the population in Denmark and Sweden are fully vaccinated. Over 99% of current DIS students are vaccinated.

Booster shots are available in Denmark and Sweden, but DIS strongly recommends all students be vaccinated and boosted prior to travel.

Are there any requirements for travel to Denmark or Sweden?
Today, there are no COVID-19 related restrictions on entry to Denmark or Sweden. Should this change, DIS will notify enrolled students via email. In the meantime, you can always use these pages to keep up to date on entry requirements:

Denmark’s Coronavirus response page
Swedish Public Health Agency information to people entering from abroad

Be mindful of additional testing or masking requirements for your airline or layover countries, and remember that these restrictions may continue to change.  

What if I have COVID-19 symptoms or a potential exposure while at DIS?
DIS follows local (Danish/Swedish) recommendations regarding testing and isolation. At this time, students who become ill (COVID-19 or otherwise) are advised to stay home until symptoms have improved, and to be in touch with DIS if you need academic or other support. Students who may have been exposed are asked to watch for symptoms, but testing is not currently recommended. We will help students seek medical guidance and any necessary treatment as needed, and medical care is reimbursed through DIS insurance per the policy details

What will be required of me to be successful abroad during COVID-19?
Flexibility: Just like your home campus, DIS has been responding to changing COVID-19 conditions by adjusting protocols, class schedules, field study or study tour destinations, etc., sometimes with very little notice. While daily life in Scandinavia today is unfettered by COVID-19, we ask that you prepare to be flexible in case conditions shift.

Respect: You may find Scandinavian approaches to COVID-19 different from those at home, or that your flatmates or classmates have different levels of comfort. Take the opportunity to learn and ask questions while remembering to approach your local community with grace and respect.

Compliance: Any measures implemented to protect the community from COVID-19 are only effective when they are followed by everyone. Failure to comply with local guidance is a violation of the DIS Code of Student Responsibility (for Copenhagen and Stockholm) – but more importantly, we ask students to comply for the benefit of the community.