DIS Copenhagen Hosts First-Year Study Abroad Program, Global AWAKEnings

This fall, DIS embarked on a new and exciting collaboration with Wake Forest University. For the first time, 17 first-year university students were welcomed to Copenhagen through the Global AWAKEnings program.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Through Global AWAKEnings, students study in Copenhagen for a full year. The students are taught by both Wake Forest and DIS faculty, live in DIS housing, utilize DIS classrooms, learn through hands-on learning opportunities, hear from expert guest lectures, and travel on faculty-led study tours across Europe to locations such as Venice and Vienna.

Executive Director Malene Torp has been involved in the development of this program since the beginning nearly two years ago, and is proud to have a partner like Wake Forest to assist in enhancing the study abroad field:

“DIS is proud to be collaborating on the Global AWAKEnings program with Wake Forest University. With a quality study abroad experience, these Freshmen will be challenged to develop more global perspectives in conjunction with our strong DIS values. This collaboration will enhance our strong ties with Wake Forest University, and put our longtime partner at the forefront of the study abroad field in U.S. higher education.”

The Global AWAKEnings students will have the opportunity to experience the local culture by signing up for a Visiting Host and are encouraged to join athletic clubs, music groups, religious communities, and other interest groups during their year abroad. Through these local experiences, the students will gain new and meaningful perspectives on their academic studies and the world at large.

Wake Forest’s Associate Provost for Global Affairs, Kline Harrison, who was instrumental in the development of the AWAKEnings program believes that the strong cooperation between DIS and Wake Forest University is imperative for the success of such a unique program:

“Through Global AWAKEnings, we have developed a first-year program which builds upon research and best practices, while incorporating the qualities of a Wake Forest education as mandated by our faculty and as evidenced by faculty engagement, academic rigor, and experiential learning. With DIS, we have found the perfect partner with whom we share mutual goals and standards. Together we are convinced that the first-year students in Global AWAKEnings will not only expand their own global mindsets, but also leverage their insights and experiences to enhance the Wake Forest global campus community,”

Both DIS and Wake Forest see great potential in the Global AWAKEnings program and believe this will be a very dynamic and educational year for these students; one that will be incredibly formative in their university career.

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