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When Spring 2017 student Nate Wiener, Middlebury College, boldly reached out to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) asking if he could spend a day following a reporter, he wasn’t sure if they would say yes or even have the time for him.

To Nate’s surprise, DR agreed to have him follow a day in the life of DR Nyheder Reporter Jens Norre and photographer, Emil. As a student in the Changing the News: Constructive Journalism elective course, this was a particularly exciting opportunity to get behind-the-scenes and see his course topics in action.

Nate’s Day at DR

The day started with watching Jens Norre report live at the Ministry of Education, where Norre reported on controversial changes to Danish policies.

After the broadcast, Nate then traveled with the team over the Øresund to Malmö where they gathered footage for a story that was set to run later that evening.

Back to the newsroom at DR, their footage was edited and Nate was welcomed into the control room for the 16:30 evening news. Minutes after the broadcast ended, he was invited on set to meet several prominent DR television news anchors, including Tina Gøtzsche.

“From the minute I arrived at DR Byen, I was ushered into the daily routine of the journalists at DR. I was surprised by their knowledge and interest in my journalism career. Having interned in the U.S. several times, it was fascinating to see journalism produced ‘the Danish way.’ It was particularly enlightening to observe the principals of constructive journalism that I learned about in my elective course, being applied to actual Danish national news coverage. In a single day shadowing a reporter, I was able to meet and connect with dozens of Danes and Swedes, learning about pressing issues in both Denmark and Scandinavia along the way. Being able to participate in coverage first hand greatly improved my knowledge of Danish society, culture, and journalism. It was truly a fantastic day and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Nate Wiener , Middlebury College

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