DIS Faculty Member Presents on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Thomas Bolander teaches the Artificial Intelligence course at DIS and recently posed the question to leading professionals: Does humanity become redundant when artificial intelligence (AI) becomes powerful enough?

In his lecture, Bolander specifies the characteristics between different types of AI that we already use and where the technology needs to go moving forward. The current AI that most people work with can be found in the form of cell phones, referring to voice recognition technology or symbolic AI. However, in the future, he expects that a freer thinking AI, known as sub-symbolic AI, will become more prevalent. Yet, natural human intelligence will still be a necessity. Sub-symbolic AI can learn to distinguish between stimuli, but when the stimuli are altered slightly, it can become confused.

The first industrial revolutions were about replacing the most routine tasks. AI does the same, but with the things we do with our brain. The revolution that artificial intelligence brings with it will replace the most routine job functions our minds are dealing with. But there will still be a lot of work back to our human brain.

Thomas Bolander, Ph.D. , DIS faculty member

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