Two Spring Students Secure Internships in Copenhagen

When the semester ended at DIS, spring students Ashley Miller and Eva Sarai decided they weren’t ready to go home just yet.

Instead, they landed internships in Copenhagen, invaluable opportunities to pursue their career path in international settings.

Ashley Miller, Tufts University, interns at Freedom Agency, a creative agency that mainly works with clients on graphic design, social media, and branded content. There, Ashley’s responsibilities include managing social media for clients, editing and copywriting, and assisting on photo shoots for various brands. At DIS, Ashley was a Student Photographer for the Marketing & Communication Department, where she photographed the semester from a student perspective.

When asked about her decision to stay in Denmark for the summer, Ashley was enthusiastic for the chance to meet locals and become a part of the culture in Copenhagen:

“I loved my semester in Copenhagen with DIS, but it ended too quickly. I wasn’t ready to go back to the U.S. yet and wanted to get involved further with the local culture, so I decided to apply for an internship. I’m so happy I made the decision to stay longer, because I now have a better understanding of Danish culture through the workplace. For example, aspects such as the horizontal work structure, or how the whole office eats lunch together (we have smørrebrød!). I’ve also been able to get to know more Danes and get a taste of what it’s like actually live and work here. Plus, Copenhagen is beautiful in summer!”

Eva Sarai, Grinnell College, interns at MAD, a Copenhagen-based and globally focused non-profit organization established by René Redzepi, founder of noma.

During her semester, Eva took the Nordic Culinary Culture course, which she says, “ultimately led [her] to learn about MAD,” since the course focuses on the theory and ideology driving the New Nordic culinary movement. Additionally, it includes a study tour to Lolland, Falster, and Møn, where students see first-hand the “farm-to-fork” philosophy and how local and seasonal products are incorporated into everyday meals. When reflecting on her passion for food, Eva says she, “always expressed a passion or learning about food both in the culinary sense, but also in the way in which we must address the myriad of food-related issues today.”

Eva’s internship lets her explore this topic. MAD works to bring the global cooking community of chefs, farmers, scholars, activists, and the general public together to discuss and find innovative solutions to the challenges facing our food systems. Eva is involved in projects that range from writing news pieces for the MADfeed, the website, creating a social media and communications strategy, and helping produce VILD MAD, an app that aims to share how to forage for wild food in Denmark. Eva believes her passions, on a personal and academic level, have culminated in the dynamic summer experience she is having in her internship.

Congratulations to Ashley and Eva, who have gone the extra mile to make connections and work in fantastic internships abroad!

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