Recipients Chosen for DIS Merit-Based Scholarships

DIS has selected recipients for the Jacob Buksti Memorial and the Anders Uhrskov Leadership scholarships.

Sally Rohrer, first ever recipient of the Jacob Buksti Scholarship, attends the University of Wisconsin and will study in the European Politics Program for the Fall 2017 Semester.

The Jacob Buksti Memorial Scholarship is a merit-based award that honors a beloved former DIS faculty member, Jacob Buksti. Jacob built a strong legacy in modern Danish politics and made a deep impact on the hundreds of DIS students he taught from 2003 to 2016. Jacob served the Social Democratic Party as a parliamentarian, party spokesperson, and Minister of Transportation during an impressive political career, and he was deeply devoted to sharing his work and passion with students. He loved being a politician and, even more than the theories and policy study that fueled his coursework, was passionate about the living, breathing game of European domestic and international politics.

Sally fully demonstrates a clear passion for politics and is an incredibly engaged student on her campus. She is the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) grassroots organizing intern, Chair of the ASM University Affairs Committee, and Chair of the ASM Legislative Affairs Committee. She has taken leadership through numerous initiatives, including organizing to make student IDs compliant with Wisconsin’s voter ID law to better ensure ballot access for all students and fighting for increased funding for the University of Wisconsin system.

During her semester at DIS Copenhagen, Sally looks forward to comparing and contrasting American and European policy decisions, and believes that understanding European and Danish policy solutions is integral to “achieve [her] dreams of encompassing the ideas of an active, dutiful, public servant.”

Anna Silberman, recipient of the AU Leadership Scholarship, attends Whitman College and will study in the Prostitution & the Sex Trade Program for the Fall 2017 Semester.

The AU Leadership Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship established to award students who have demonstrated leadership on their college campuses at home and who are dedicated to enhancing and building upon their global leadership and critical thinking skills while at DIS.

Anna is a committed student leader who works to make a positive difference in her community and is passionate about social justice issues. On campus, Anna is a Greek Advocate: a first responder who provides support for peers who experience any form of sexual violence. She co-founded Athletes for Consent Education, an educational program on affirmative consent, rape culture, and gender dynamics for the College’s athletic teams. Anna participates on the Planned Parenthood Generation Action leadership team, where she contributes to designing fun and accessible curriculum as well as planning weekly meetings and monthly events.

Anna believes that studying abroad will help her toward her goal of becoming a global leader, noting that, “to work within a multicultural mindset, to enact change without boundaries but with mindful intention that prioritizes systemically underserved populations, requires that I take a step back from my own personal experiences and desires and look at the world from different perspectives, through varying lenses.” Anna looks forward to comparing European and American attitudes and practices surrounding topics of sex and gender, as well as engaging with, challenging, and being challenged by excited and passionate individuals in a foreign country and culture.

We congratulate Sally and Anna on receiving these scholarships and are eager to engage with them in the fall!

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