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New Swedish Visa Permits Granted From Fall 2017

Stockholm students will be now able to study and live in Stockholm for the full, four-month semester.

DIS DIS Stockholm Semester

Students will apply to live and study in Sweden under an Extended Visitor Permit. After extensive and positive dialogues with Swedish advisers, we have developed a straightforward process for students to obtain this in advance of their semester abroad.

Last fall, DIS navigated unexpected student visa complications in Sweden. To ensure a high-quality study abroad experience in Scandinavia, DIS offered a dynamic solution in response in the fall and extended it to this spring semester as well. Students enrolled at DIS Stockholm these past two semesters, have therefore spent three months studying in Stockholm and a final month in Copenhagen. DIS Stockholm faculty and staff then joined the group in Copenhagen, bringing their courses and competencies with them.

Now, as students register for DIS Stockholm from Fall 2017 semester on, the North American Office staff will walk students through the new visa application process and respond to any questions that arise.

Thank you for your support as we continue building opportunities for students in Stockholm!

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