DIS Hosts Fall 2016 IEW with Day Trip to Stockholm

This fall, DIS hosted the International Educators Workshop (IEW) with over 50 study abroad professionals, faculty, and advisors.

The participants experienced a mini-semester in a week, where many lived with Homestays, joined in on field studies, attended classes and seminars, and met with current students. 35 participants also visited DIS Stockholm, where they toured the facilities, as well as met the staff, faculty, and the inaugural group of students!

Assistant Director of Institutional Relations Jamie Cathell indicated that she, along with so many DIS staff and faculty, felt that the week was inspiring, saying, “We had such a fantastic group of educators who shared input about DIS and broader issues in education abroad. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and practices as we continue to improve the study abroad experience for our students.”

A few participants served on panels, including Michael Jordan, Director of the Center for Global & Intercultural Study at the University of Michigan, who shared some of the outreach initiatives, campus partnerships, curriculum, and other strategies they are implementing during the Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Learning Environment session. Cindy Fair, Professor and Public Health Studies Coordinator at Elon University, presented at the Undergraduate Research in Study Abroad session, where she gave insight on meaningful research initiatives abroad and communities of practice.

John Coumbe-Lilly, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Clinical Associate Professor Kinesiology & Nutrition at University of Illinois at Chicago, reflected on the week:

“I experienced great teaching this week. I will leave with teaching and research strategies, a stronger understanding of the front to back process of running a study abroad program, and an appreciation of the growth mindset one needs to keep striving for continual improvement in what you do. I am reminded that deliberately exposing myself to cultural differences and embracing the experience helps me get more out of the moment I share with others.”

Thank you to our participants for a productive week of conversation and collaboration! Find photos of the week here on the DIS Facebook page.

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