The Present Situation and the Future: State of the European Union Panel

DIS recently hosted Leif Beck Fallesen (Columnist, Former editor of Børsen, Danish Financial Times), Nadja Schou Lauridsen (Think Tank Europa), Kristian Weise (CEVEA) David Trads (Journalist, writer, columnist) to share their views on where the EU stands and how it should move forward on burning issues such as Brexit, the refugee crisis, and high levels of unemployment. The central questions of the panel asked: What is the aim of the EU? What are the strengths, the weaknesses, and how should it evolve from here?

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The panel discussion was held just one day after Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission had made a State of the Union speech, calling the Union an ‘existential crisis’; panelists referenced his speech and the urgency of the matter expressed by the President.

DIS faculty member and moderator for the panel, Michael Hedegaard, shared his experience of the event, saying,

“The event went quite well — we could have spent even more time discussing. There were good questions from students, and good discussion with the panelists and among the panelists, who had different points of view. That’s where the discussion became really interesting.”

Michael noted that the students’ American context also spiced up perspectives and made the panelists rethink.

“They asked critical questions about the EU that, in a European context, are sometimes taken for granted, but were asked since [the students] compared it to the U.S. This was really useful [for the discussion].”

At the end of the discussion, students had the chance to mingle with the panelists and follow up on their questions.

The event was a clear success, and DIS hopes to hold this panel in the future.

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