DIS Honors the Passing of Jacob Buksti

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

DIS has lost one of our most dedicated faculty this week—a great loss to our community.

Jacob Buksti passed away due to complications of a heart attack on September 27th. His last act in life was teaching the students he loved.

Jacob began teaching with DIS in 2003. He taught courses in politics to undergraduate university students from the U.S. studying here in Denmark with DIS. Jacob arranged and led study tours throughout Europe in which he traveled with students in each semester. He was a beloved colleague and elected Vice Chairman of the Faculty Council. Over the years, he also paid several visits to our partner universities in the U.S.

Jacob personified everything that makes a great DIS faculty member. He brought the experience of his prestigious political career to the classroom as well as a genuine love of and dedication to teaching. He was well known by students for his knowledge of Danish, European, and American politics—from his trademark EU Simulation Game acted out every semester by students in his class, to his professional contacts that gave students first-hand insight into the current political arena here in Denmark. He was a man of many stories and had great sense of humor.

Jacob will be sorely missed by his colleagues and by current and former students.

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