DIS Students Introduce Diversity and Identity Weekend to Grundtvigs Højskole

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

This past spring semester, DIS students living at Grundtvigs Højskole organized and ran Diversity and Identity Weekend, a weekend event that focused on diversity and multiculturalism.

The Weekend was about sharing stories about life events and meaningful people, reflecting on identity, as well as discussing topics such as inferiority, feeling different, and self-perception.

Full-year DIS student, Alexandra Porrazzo, shared her experience of the weekend’s workshop and living at the Højskole, saying,

“Working with the inspired faculty and other DIS students at the school to create the ‘Diversity and Identity Weekend’ was a symbolic and real culmination of my time living at the Højskole this past year. It was a way in which we, American students, could bring what we thought were positives in our culture back home, mainly conversations and debate stemming from our obvious differences and issues, to a relatively homogenous place. Conversations about identity and diversity will hopefully increase in Denmark, especially with the recent influx of refugees and the otherwise global attitude of the next generation. Offering this workshop was an exciting opportunity in which we could be part of that conversation. I am ever grateful to DIS for giving students the opportunity to live at Danish Højskoler, and to Grundtvigs Højskole, the faculty, and students, for letting us into their lives.”

A Folkehøjskole is a unique Danish learning and living tradition dating back 150 years, where Danish and international students live at the school and participate in academics and extracurricular activities. The courses are not graded, but are meant to give resident students an ‘education for life.’ The Folkehøjskole housing option is one of six that DIS Copenhagen offers to students; while students live at the school, they attend courses at DIS.

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