DIS Students Collaborate with Local Danish University on Startup Project

Session 1 and 2 students from the Business Start-up course worked with a group of DTU students to create a business plan for their startup venture this summer.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The goal of the assignment was to give DIS students hands-on experience in intercultural project management by working with local students from the technical university. The two classes collaborated throughout the course, working on assignments such as customer validation, minimum viable product production, and an investor pitch.

The course ended with an event at DIS, where DTU and DIS students paired up to create a business plan for a startup idea. The DTU students’ tech perspective met the DIS students’ business background, creating a holistic approach to the business plan.

DTU faculty member Nynne Christiansen, who was at the event, was impressed with the level of enthusiasm, saying, “It was carried out professionally and both student groups benefitted both academically and personally from the meeting. We hope to be able to continue that collaboration in the future.”

From group projects to guest speakers, DIS strives to provide students the opportunity to meet locals in the field, and looks forward to continuing its relationship with DTU.

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