Computer Science course

DIS Introduces New Online Learning Space

Canvas, the new learning management system, will create dynamic online learning opportunities for students outside of class and give students and faculty a platform to collaborate on course materials and assignments.

Academic Director Helle Rytkønen believes the switch will be beneficial for students, faculty, and staff, saying “Canvas supports our pedagogy and extends learning beyond the physical classroom.”

Faculty can share material with students and colleagues, create assignments, communicate with students, and submit grades. Features such as online class forums and assignment feedback will also improve support for students’ learning.

“Our previous system was not build with our pedagogy in mind and presented challenges for user-friendliness. We are pleased with the design and organization of Canvas, as it is intuitive to use. A more streamlined process for online submission of assignments will be beneficial to the students, too. The opportunities for integrating social media, news feeds, and other real-time media allow for a more dynamic experience. Not all DIS faculty will be utilizing these features this first semester, and we of course have to get used to the new system, but Canvas has exciting options to explore in the future.”

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