Meet Our New DIS Stockholm Academic Coordinator

Mark Peters will be the onsite Academic Coordinator at DIS Stockholm, where he will facilitate and support faculty and students throughout the semester.

Mark has a bachelor’s degree from University College Cork in English and philosophy, and prior to his role with DIS, he worked in a variety of fields, from positions in construction to marketing to teaching. He recently finished as Head English Teacher at Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm.

Mark’s position at DIS Stockholm will be widespread; his position will cover responsibilities ranging from managing faculty, assisting in communication between faculty and their Program Directors in Copenhagen, and delivering registrar, librarian, and ad hoc duties.

To prepare for the fall semester, Mark visited the Copenhagen office to learn how they operate and how he can apply their procedures to the Stockholm program.

“I am excited, for sure — it will be great to have the students around to make this place part of their world.

I’m a pretty laid-back and social person, but I’m also professional and organized, so I hope the students feel comfortable discussing academic issues they may be having and also feel that I can deal with these problems quickly and tactfully.”

DIS is happy to have Mark as a staff member on the Stockholm team, and looks forward to how his role will develop this fall.

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