DIS Donates to Bullenhuser Damm School

After hearing of the school’s financial challenges, DIS donated to the Bullenhuser Damm School to help cover costs for a memorial in honor of the children killed at the school.

Each semester, DIS students in the Holocaust and Genocide Optional Study Tour course travel to Neuengamme concentration camp and visit the School in Hamburg, Germany, where 20 Jewish children were hung just before the end of WWII. The children were used in medical experiments and killed due to fear that they would bear witness to the atrocities committed against them and many others.

The school still stands as it did during the war, and each April the Association for the Children of Bullenhuser Damm organizes a remembrance where family members of the deceased come from all over the world to honor their relatives. This spring, DIS was able to contribute to the remembrance ceremony after DIS faculty member Torben Jørgensen, who has a long-standing relationship with the school, proposed that DIS make a donation.

“Since 2008, I´ve been going [to the Bullenhuser Damm school] six times a year, bringing three classes each semester … I know that they depend on whatever private donations they can scrape together, and I thought that we owed them for all they´ve done for us. So, it is with the greatest pleasure that [DIS could donate], and it was moving for me to see how a relatively modest donation can make such a difference for a place like Bullenhuser Damm, a museum that only exists due to the dogged determination of a circle of concerned Hamburgers. I´m proud that the DIS chose to give them a hand.”

The school, who was very appreciative of the donation, shared the story behind this year’s memorial:

”With your donation we are able to bear the expenses for the travel of a relative of the children. It is the sister of a boy who was identified just last year. Her name is Greta Hamburg and now we also know his complete name: Walter Jungleib. He was killed at the age of 12.”

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