Renowned Journalist Nagieb Khaja Speaks at DIS Seminar Night

As part of the Seminar Night series, DIS hosted journalist Nagieb Khaja, who spoke to students about his experiences covering the wars in Afghanistan and Syria and as one of the few journalists who has gained access to jihadi groups Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

All students were invited to attend the Seminar, however, it was of specific interest to the European Politics program, specifically the Terrorism and Counter Terrorism core course. Participants from the International Educator’s Workshop were also in attendance, as well as DIS staff.

Nagieb is known for his work with BBC, VICE News, the Guardian, and Al Jazeera English. During his lecture, Nagieb shared clips from documentaries he has directed and spoke about his personal experience growing up not feeling fully accepted in Danish society. Nagieb explained how he turned away from religious extremism, and how his upbringing drove him to become a reporter. He shared a few anecdotes, such as when he had the opportunity to document the Taliban in Afghanistan and was able to capture the ongoings of their daily lives. This project – a remarkable one – had the  goal of showing how many of the stories portrayed in Western media are often oversimplified.

The lecture followed with a Q&A, where students were able to ask him questions about his personal and professional life. Program Assistant for the European Politics program Erin Scally, who was in attendance at the event, commented on Nagieb’s dynamic ability to connect with the students:

“Even as an accomplished journalist, Nagieb was able to laugh and connect with students in a very special way. He didn’t put on any airs or exaggerate stories; he created a very open atmosphere for dialogue, in a way that I feel is missing in a lot of western media outlets.”

DIS looks forward to hosting more speakers like Nagieb Khaja, who encourage students to look at burning issues from multiple points of view, and to think critically about how stories and current events are told through the media.


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