European Humanities Practicum Pitches Creative Concepts to Local Organizations

At the start of the semester, students in the City of Culture: Humanities Practicum met with members of the National Museum, Huset-KBH, and Distortion to hear challenges within each organization and create creative solutions that incorporate culture and entrepreneurship.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The City of Culture: Humanities Practicum combines entrepreneurship theory with hands-on experience of creating cultural experiences for local organizations in the city. Students were assigned to one of three organizations, and have been working throughout the semester to solve a problem or challenge presented by the organization.

The solutions implement theories discussed in class such as the Experience Economy, tourism, urban culture, and identity. DIS faculty member Carsten Theede said the purpose of the project is for students to apply knowledge of these theories to real organizational challenges.

“[The goal is] for the students to gain a solid academic background within the above mentioned fields of theory and, most importantly, apply that knowledge to the real world for a real cultural organization. The students need to learn by doing, but they need an entrepreneurial and practical academic mindset to work within this field of constant change.”

The groups’ ideas were widespread, ranging from interior re-design, to implementing live displays at the museum, and designing new trash-collecting systems for Distortion’s litter problem. The students were met with great enthusiasm from the organizations, some of whom are looking to implement the ideas.

Current student Nicole Fredericks from Beloit College has been working in a group of students with Huset-KBH to improve their entryway in order to make it more eye-catching.

“[A few students] and I have been working hard with Huset-KBH to revitalize their entryway and make some creative signage. As a culture house, this space is a unique niche in Copenhagen created for and by Danes. It’s been wonderful to have such an artistically open-ended task. As a group, we’ve done research, individual and collective brainstorming, and finally presented our ideas to a few Huset representatives. From here on out we will be working with energetic team at Huset to turn our idea into an event. It’s been a great experience playing the role of creative consultants.”

After meeting with the organizations, students will continue to develop their concepts and communication plan, and will launch their plans in April. Lastly, they will present on the outcome of their work at the End of Semester Showcase at DIS.


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