DIS Hosts Refugee Action Panel Event

For the second Seminar Night of the semester, DIS organized a Refugee Action Panel Event to hear from DIS faculty and professionals involved in the refugee community in Denmark.

The panel was open to DIS students, staff, and International Educators Workshop participants, and aimed to provide information on the refugee crisis on a local and global scale. The two panelists, Secretary General for the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm, and DIS faculty and member of the Danish Refugee Appeals Board, Bettina Petersen, presented about the refugee crisis from the perspective of their line of work. Andreas spoke about the topic on a global scale, and Bettina gave information about the asylum seeking process in Denmark. After the presentation, the students were able to ask the panelists questions on the presenters’ work and how the students can play a role through volunteer aid.

Christina Arace, current student and member of the Refugee Action Committee who helped organize the event, was pleased with the turnout and dialogue that the panel prompted:

“Andreas and Bettina interacted so well with the students and faculty members. I truly think that students were affected by the presentations, and began to understand the magnitude of the refugee crisis. I really wanted the students to see that anyone can take the time to know what is happening around the world, and I think that is what happened. I feel that the event was a glimpse in to the everyday life of refugees, and to me that was the most important part of the whole event.”

DIS looks forward to future Seminar Nights, where students can learn more about burning issues of our time.

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