New Children’s Room Successfully Established at DIS Copenhagen

DIS recently introduced a Children’s Room, created to provide a childcare solution for faculty and staff when Danish schools are closed, and for current DIS Copenhagen students to volunteer and gain further insight into Danish pedagogy.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The room is staffed by Child Development & Diversity faculty and staff, along with a team of Child Development & Diversity program students who have experience working with kids.

Assistant Program Director of the Child Development & Diversity program, Lærke, explained the room as a unique setup for the Danish workplace, saying, “It is still a rather new thing among Danish workplaces to offer a space for the children of employees, let alone staff [the room] at certain times. It is also very much an example of the DIS community in mini format: a mix of Danish and English being spoken … and children from different ages, languages, and backgrounds coming together to play and develop together.”

During the Danish Winter Break for young children, staff and students had a full schedule for entertaining the children, and visited the Botanical Garden, created movies on iPhones, and played charades using English words.

The Children’s Room offers DIS students in the Child Development & Diversity Program an opportunity to learn more about Danish pedagogy in a Danish-American context, as they navigate speaking a combination of Danish and English to communicate with the children. Students are then able to compare their experience in the Children’s Room to the Danish practicum sites they visit once a week throughout the semester.

Apart from the staffed times, the room is open to parents who bring their child to work for the day and would like to work from the Children’s Room instead of having the child in the office.

The Children’s Room had a pilot week during the Danish Winter Break, and due to its success, the room will open again the week before Easter.

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