Anders Uhrskov Scholarship Recipients Embody Local Leaders

Two students received Anders Uhrskov Scholarships this spring. Reid Manheim, Middlebury College, and Kim Stagg, University of Rochester, each received the scholarship for their commitment to leadership and passion to pursue their academic interests abroad.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship is awarded to students who possess leadership skills to make a positive impact on the world. Anders Uhrskov was the director of DIS for 27 years, and throughout his time was dedicated to developing global leaders of the future through education abroad. Reid and Kim will receive 5,000 USD each for their semesters at DIS.

About Reid Manheim, Middlebury College

Reid Manheim, who is currently a student in the European Politics program, holds multiple leadership positions at Middlebury College. Reid serves as a member of Middlebury College’s Community Council, which deliberates on matters that impact the college’s community as a whole. His contribution has helped to represent the voices of his peers on campus and created dialogue between the students and their viewpoints with the College President.

Reid was also elected for the Judicial Review Committee, where he selects those to be appointed to Middlebury’s judicial boards. In this position, Reid has acquired knowledge of what characteristics are important to serve as a leader, and has applied this knowledge to his own positions.

Prior to studying abroad with DIS, Reid spent two summers interning in various cities in China, and this past fall semester completed a semester studying Mandarin in Hangzhou, China. Reid believes the spring semester with DIS gives him “a unique opportunity to compare and contrast Danish and Chinese culture both socially and academically. From a political and economic standpoint, Denmark and China couldn’t be more different! I am excited to learn the inner workings of Danish culture beyond the political and economic structures and compare it with China.”

When asked about what he is most looking forward to this semester, Reid said it was his core course’s Week-Long Study Tour to Brussels, where his course will visit NATO and talk to relevant political leaders. Reid added, “As the economic and political troubles of Europe expand, this is the perfect time to dive into this relevant subject.”

When asked what the Scholarship means to him, Reid explained, “The Anders Uhrskov Leadership scholarship is only further inspiration to make the most out of my time at DIS and to try to continue to make an impact during my time abroad.”

About Kim Stagg, University of Rochester

Kim Stagg is also an influential student on her campus at the University of Rochester. As a member of the University’s soccer team, she works hard both on and off the field. She collaborates with the athletic department specifically working on events, and additionally, volunteers in a mentor program to link up with her freshman teammates. She possesses the characteristics of a compassionate, yet determined, leader.

Originally from Ecuador, Kim grew up in Miami and Orlando, Florida, and moved to the North East for her studies. At the University of Rochester, she excels in her courses, including Computer Science and Health, Behavior, and Society. After class, Kim is involved in Grassroot Rochester, an organization that utilizes soccer as a platform to deliver health education on HIV/AIDS. Kim first got involved by meeting with members of the club to create comprehensive reading materials for lessons, then helped create educational games on the field that would help students learn. She is the head of the health curriculum and will be implementing the program in local high schools this fall.

“I believe that a global leader is one that inspires people from all over the world to join some type of cause, to learn something new, or to just be the best they can be … I encourage the people I talk to about HIV/AIDS to talk to others in hopes that those people will talk to other people about it. This chain reaction eventually leads to innumerable number of people that are much more aware of the disease than they once were.”

When asked about how she will exemplify a global leader abroad, Kim said, “Meeting other people will allow me to see what they do to better their community and how they exemplify leadership qualities. Everything I learn abroad I will be able to bring back to Rochester to teach to others.”

At DIS, Kim is in the Public Health program, and plans to apply what she learns abroad to her position with Grassroots Rochester. When asked what winning this scholarship means to her, Kim said, “I am very appreciative of this opportunity and I can’t wait to make the most out of this experience.”

Congratulations to Reid and Kim!

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