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Rhetoric of Gaming Course Deconstructs the Anatomy of a Game

The DIS Copenhagen Rhetoric of Gaming course offers the opportunity for students to critically study the gaming industry, and through a semester-long project, create a game of their own.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Fall 2015 semester student Ben Farber, Macalester College, shared his enthusiasm for the project saying that the course and project of designing a game “encourages you to think about what makes a game. What exactly is a game? What is meaningful play? What makes Scandinavian games distinctive?”

Throughout the semester, students in the Rhetoric of Gaming in Scandinavia course dissect the components of game theory. DIS faculty member Iben Schandel said, “In my class, the students first and foremost learn to understand games as a communication medium – what we say with the games we make and the impact they can have on us socially and culturally… They consider who will play their game and why, in order to gain a new perspective of games as more than pure entertainment.”

This past fall semester, students pitched their game ideas to the class; the ideas ranged from a charades-like game about the current presidential election called ‘Scandal,’ to a board game about the Middle Ages called ‘King of the World.’

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