DIS Faculty Member Collaborates with Students on International Installation

DIS faculty member Courtney Coyne-Jensen collaborated with her Visual Journal and Urban Design Journal students to create a drawing installation now featured in the ‘Drawn Conversations’ exhibit in the United Kingdom.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The installation, titled, ‘SCROLL: An instrument for drawing WITHIN experience,’ includes a piece that emphasizes the value of collaboration and dialogue in drawing. Courtney’s project began in 2007, when she placed a 30 centimeter by five meter paper on the floor of Copenhagen Central Station, and choreographed a series of analytical drawing exercises with the students, and simultaneously encouraged the public to contribute the work as well. For multiple semesters, Courtney had her Visual Journal and Urban Design Journal students – as well as local passersby in the train station – contribute to this collective drawing, which ultimately resulted in a 35 meter long work.

When asked about the motivation behind the project, Courtney said, “The aim of this work was to refocus attention on drawing’s potential as a collaborative act, as well as a spatial practice. Here, the importance and motivation has been primarily two-fold: to engage with one another via a conversational drawing, where ‘me’ gives way to ‘we,’ and to engage with urban spaces of waiting as potentially fertile settings for creative collaborations.”

Though the aim of the piece was not to have it featured in an exhibition, Courtney says it is a “testimony to the students’ diligent efforts that SCROLL was chosen to be part of this great exhibit.” Courtney herself has an international presence, having been a keynote speaker in Japan last October, where she spoke about her approaches to teaching drawing in her courses at DIS, and has plans to hold a keynote on her drawing praxes at Leicester School of Architecture in February and present work in British Columbia in March.

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