DIS at AmCham Thanksgiving

DIS Student Speaks at AmCham Thanksgiving Event

DIS staff and students attended the annual American Chamber of Commerce Family Thanksgiving Dinner, where fall student, Shaina Robinson, Bryn Mawr College, spoke about her study abroad experience.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Thanksgiving celebration is hosted each year for Americans living in Denmark, complete with a traditional meal and entertainment. U.S. Ambassador, Rufus Gifford, was in attendance and shared his experience of blending Danish hygge with the American holiday.

Following dinner, Shaina’s speech touched on how studying abroad influenced what she was thankful for this year, such as stepping out of her comfort zone to embrace Danish culture, and how the semester will ultimately help her grow upon her return to the U.S.

“During my speech, I talked about the unique and unforgettable cultural experience I had attained by studying in Denmark as an American student. I also ventured into what it means to be a global citizen and how studying abroad has helped me to grow into a more well-rounded and confident person. Finally, I explored what it means to be an American student celebrating Thanksgiving in Denmark. I was invited not just to observe AmCham’s event, but to participate in it, making it a very enjoyable situation to give a speech in.”

Read Shaina’s reflection of the event, as well as her speech, here on her blog.

DIS was yet again thrilled to be a part of the American Chamber of Commerce’s Family Thanksgiving event. Congratulations to Shaina for delivering a fantastic speech!

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