DIS end of semester showcase photogrpahy

DIS Wraps Up Semester with Program-Wide Showcase

DIS hosted its first End of Semester Showcase, where students across all programs and organizations presented projects and research they had worked on throughout the semester.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Research symposiums, architecture designs, communications campaigns, and creative writing were among the many exhibits spread throughout DIS buildings. Many were visual exhibits, such as the Photojournalism and Student Art Space galleries, while others allowed for hands-on interaction, such as testing out  computer games that Game Development Lab students developed, and playing with Legos with students in Child Development and Diversity Program.

Students, staff, and faculty were encouraged to attend and see each exhibit, engage with the presenter, and add input and comments after presentations. The event created a buzz, with hallways and classrooms filled with inspiration and knowledge sharing..

Project Manager for the Biomedicine, Medical Practice & Policy, Neuroscience, and Public Health Programs, and organizer of the event, Stephanie Clemente, was excited to see the turnout of the event, saying, “The showcase brought a deeper meaning to the semester. Students presented and shared the knowledge they gained through these projects, and were able to reflect on the work they did and be inspired by their peers’ work as well.”

Students were able to see a glimpse of their peers’ academic experiences at DIS, and celebrate the work completed throughout the semester. The night ended the semester on a high note, and DIS looks forward to hosting the next End of Semester showcase in May.


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