Sweden Stockholm DIS website launch

DIS Launches Website for Swedish Hosts

Last week, DIS launched its new Swedish website, which reaches out to potential Homestay and Visiting Hosts in Stockholm.

DIS DIS Stockholm Semester

Swedes can sign up to host a DIS Student, be a Visiting Host, or learn other ways to get involved with DIS Stockholm.

Mia Priskorn, Host Team Manager, says the new website will be a valuable resource for building a network in Stockholm as DIS looks for hosts for the fall 2016 semester: “Our Scandinavian DIS network now has an easily accessible place to refer friends and colleagues to. We at DIS are excited to welcome new Swedish hosts – for students to live with or to visit. Hanging out with and doing activities with those hosts are the alpha and omega of a great semester in Stockholm!”

The Homestay housing option and option for a Visiting Host provide rich cultural and social interaction throughout the semester, and have continuously been the highlight of DIS students’ experiences. DIS is looking forward to bringing this cultural exchange to Stockholm students!

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