Anders Uhrskov Scholarship Winners Exemplify Global Leaders

Among a highly qualified pool of applicants, two students, Lauren Krupsaw and Pablo Henning Manrique, were awarded the Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship for $5,000 each toward their semesters at DIS.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship is awarded to students who possess the leadership experience and potential to make a positive difference in the world. Anders Uhrskov was the director of DIS for 27 years, and throughout his time at DIS was dedicated to developing the global leaders of the future through education abroad.

Lauren Krupsaw studies Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and is the president of Carnegie Mellon’s chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students. She is praised as “an obvious leader, and a thoughtful one,” and for her ability to “singlehandedly transform an unremarkable event into a lively, multilateral, in-depth discussion of student opportunities and why they matter.” She is recognized for having turned the AIAS charter “to become the most active student-led organization on Carnegie Mellon.” She has also been invited to serve on the National Architecture Accrediting Board, an organization that visits and reviews architecture schools.

Lauren is currently a student in the Architecture & Design Program and credits this academic program as her main motivation in attending DIS. When asked what the scholarship meant to her, Lauren said it provided the opportunity to apply leadership skills she has required at her home university to a global environment.

“I am most looking forward to supplementing my architectural education from a global perspective, both inside and outside of the classroom. This field has many facets, and I can’t wait to continue exploring and investigating what Denmark and Europe have to offer. The fact that DIS offers a leadership scholarship says something about the school and the type of student they want to attend. I appreciate the academic rigor so far and can’t wait to bring these skills back home!”

Pablo Henning Manrique studies Art History and Bioengineering at Rice University in Texas, and this semester at DIS, he is studying in the European Humanities Program. He is praised as a diligent and social student.

While at Rice, Pablo proposed, designed, and taught a course on Photoshop in four iterations. The course trained students how graphic editing programs could be a vital part of students’ lives in academia. Pablo has also developed a global health device, Babymetrix, for people in low-resource settings. Further, he is a political activist organizing peaceful demonstrations against human rights violations in his home country, Venezuela, and is in the process of establishing a Texan Venezuelan Student Movement.

Pablo’s scholarship application began with: “In the beginning, there was dark. Then, there was light. And then, there was gray.” He claims that the majority of people want an individual to assign to one extreme or the other, but it is from the gray zone that effective global leaders arise. Being a bicultural Venezuelan in the U.S., majoring in Bioengineering and Art History, and running a side business as a freelance graphic designer places Pablo in what he consider the gray, and allows him to relate to a wide variety of people who also fall in this zone.

Pablo expresses a deep interest in Danish design and hopes to learn about the intersection of policy, bioengineering, and design in Denmark.

Congratulations to Lauren and Pablo!

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