Neuroscience and Biomedicine Programs Discuss Future Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

NNE Pharmaplan Vice President for Strategic Development, Gert Mølegaard, met with Neuroscience and Biomedicine students during Core Course Week to share future trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Gert Mølgaard is a former Chairman of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and was part of the team that created the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice, a set of guidelines for manufacturers to follow in the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Gert shared his past and current projects within pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as while in senior management positions.

Gert’s talk shifted to trends in the biomedical field, such as drug discovery, development, and accessibility. He provided perspective on how the pharmaceutical market can limit and restrict drugs that are available to treat the psychopharmacology disorders – disorders students had learned about in their courses.

Gert provided further insight into the challenges and economics of a drug’s trajectory and the many variables that influence drug development. Some topics that were discussed were time-to-market pressure for a drug, how to increase the speed of drug approvals, new FDA process validation, and personalized medicine and its impact on the drug market.

Assistant Program Director of Science and Health Susana Dietrich said students were able to draw connections between what they were learning in class to Gert’s professional work. “For Biomedicine students, it was a great opportunity to get a broader view into the economic side of the drug discovery and development process. For Neuroscience students, they got a good idea of how different factors impact the direction of the research.”

This was Gert’s third visit to DIS for Core Course Week. He provided students with a breadth of knowledge about the industry, as well as a further understanding of the life cycle of a drug from idea and concept to testing, market production, and commercializing.

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