DIS Signature Classrooms Enhance Collaboration and Creativity

DIS has designed signature classrooms that incorporate pedagogy into the design to introduce new styles of classroom learning.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

One of the two new classrooms is created for students in the Child Development & Diversity Program. The room is designed with beanbag chairs, toys, books, and an open-floor area – reflective of a child’s classroom – as well as with tables and chairs that move flexibly back to a traditional classroom. Students use the resources in the room to put themselves in the mindsets of children, giving them the perspective of a child, which then they can use while teaching at their practicums.

When asked about the goal of the signature classrooms, Child Development & Diversity Program Director, Maja Sbahi Biehl, discussed the importance of having a learning space that reflects the subject matter. “In the Child Development & Diversity Program, as students are in Practicum working with children, it is found to be so important for them to practice in class, be at child’s level, play games, draw, and create. The signature classroom evolved through this interest in having a classroom where students can be creative, explorative, and experiential.”

Children and Youth in Europe faculty member Kari Gustafson shared her thoughts on what makes the classroom unique. “The difference in setting has made a great impact. The classroom definitely supports the focus on hands-on experience in a Danish educational or child-care setting.”

The second signature classroom is less colorful, but with the same flexibility in moving tables and chairs, is designed with Communication courses in mind. The room has whiteboards and monitors on all four walls, thereby removing the notion of a ‘center’ of the class. Teaching and learning can take place from all corners of the room and students can work in an overflow area outside, which is equipped with tables and more whiteboards.

Strategic Communication faculty member Benjamin Henriksen takes his courses to work in the signature classroom to encourage a more collaborative environment. “The size and shape of the signature classroom and its connecting room fosters a dynamic and strategic learning environment. The large space, moveable tables, and multiple white boards create the perfect foundation for group work and interaction, creative campaign developments, and presentations to a larger audience.”

The signature classrooms are now in use for the second semester, and have added a new dimension to classroom learning at DIS.

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