U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Visits DIS

U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Visits DIS

The U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, recently spoke to DIS students about current global events and how to be proactive and engaged representatives while abroad.

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First introduced by DIS European Politics faculty member Jacob Buksti, Ambassador Gifford began by sharing the story of his career path: First as a film producer in the entertainment industry, then as the Finance Director for Obama’s campaign, and now as the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark.

The Ambassador opened up his presentation to a question and answer session, where students introduced topics surrounding the refugee crisis, Denmark’s sustainability initiative, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the importance of social media in communicating and connecting with an audience. Students in the audience represented various academic programs, making for a dynamic and interesting discussion.

With insight and stories from his perspective as an American political figure and as an expat living in Denmark, Ambassador Gifford urged students to engage in the local culture, speak Danish, and be proactive in Copenhagen’s community.

Following the discussion, students had the opportunity to meet the Ambassador and network with fellow classmates.

Next month, DIS students can look forward to Danish Chief of Defense General Peter Bartram’s upcoming visit to DIS to present on the new challenges of European security in a Danish context.

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