California Senators Visit DIS to Discuss Prison Structure in Denmark

California Senators Visit DIS to Discuss Prison Structure in Denmark

DIS faculty member Anne Okkels Birk met with California Senators, Hannah-Beth Jackson and Carol Liu, as well as Director of the Senate Office of International Relations, Ezilda Samoville.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Senate delegation was in Copenhagen as part of an official State Senate mission to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to exchange information on issues related to sustainable energy and the environment, education, and the judicial and criminal justice systems.

Anne Okkels presented on Scandinavia’s criminal justice model, by providing her perspective of 10 years of experience working in government administration, including six years in the Prison & Probation Service. Beyond her career, Anne shared her story of growing up on the grounds of an open Danish prison, as her father had worked with the Prison & Probation Service. Anne’s courses at DIS were also relevant to the discussion, as she brings her background and career to the classroom by fittingly teaching Criminology and Criminal Services, Psychology of Criminal Behavior, and Gang Crime in Scandinavia.

Anne provided an exemplary representation of a faculty member who ‘teaches what they do.’ DIS Academic Director, Helle Rytkønen, was also in attendance to expand upon questions regarding DIS and the DIS academic model.

Overall, the meeting was a success and an exciting opportunity to share cross-cultural perspectives on Scandinavia’s criminal justice system.

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