Green Living & Learning Community Builds Urban Garden

The Green Living & Learning Community (LLC) participated in their first Building Workshop where they transformed their courtyard into an urban garden.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

In spite of the rain, the group worked throughout the day to clear the space, build raised beds, plant fruit trees and herbs, and assemble a henhouse – where three chickens now reside.

When asked about the impact of this project, Greenhouse Coordinator Carsten Hjort was enthusiastic about the interaction the urban garden could create. “I hope this project will make our courtyard a much more social place… Gardening is a great way to meet your neighbors and we plan to invite the nearby kindergarten to come meet our chickens.”

The students have taken responsibility for tending to the garden and the chickens. When they are not in Copenhagen, the SRAs and coordinators will take over.

Current student Maggie Weese from Johns Hopkins University said the workshop taught her the power of working in a team. “When I first heard Carsten’s lofty goals to get done that Saturday, I thought, ‘there is no way.’ He planned to build multiple raised beds, plant them, rip out a tree, plant fruit trees, build a chicken coup, and bake some bread to top it all off. However, at the end of that work day, we had accomplished it all. This I truly attribute to the hard work of everyone in the group and to the positive energy everyone kept while we shoveled in the rain.

This experience allowed me to get my hands dirty and really get to know the people I am living with. To spend eight hours together working on a shared goal and to complete it was a huge bonding experience for our house… Additionally, it was an inspiring experience to see what a difference one day of hard work can make for a space. We flipped something that was primarily impervious surface to something that is now beautiful, green, and will reduce runoff!”

The Green Living & Learning Community is already enjoying their new urban garden, and have high-hopes for the community interaction that will come out of it.

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