DIS Faculty Member Publishes Book on Intersection of Gardens and Religion

DIS Faculty member Toby Musgrave recently published ‘Paradise Gardens,’ a book that examines the symbolic use of gardens in various religions.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

“I was inspired to write the book because of a course I taught at DIS called Divine Gardens & Earthy Paradises. When I was preparing and teaching the class I got absolutely fascinated with the whole notion of gardens in world religions and the religio-symbolism of plants. The book gave me an opportunity to delve further into the subject.”

Though the course no longer runs at DIS, Toby weaves the book’s concepts into one of the current courses he teaches, Garden Art in European Culture, as “so many secular garden design ideas do derive from notions of paradisiacal gardens.”

“I hope that readers will gain an insight into how intrinsically important and significant, and diverse gardens and plants are to religions the world over and therefore to us as humans. That gardens and plants have been at the very center of our lives from the earliest times and continue to be so says something about us as humans and our relationship with the natural world and our hopes for the afterlife.”

Toby teaches Danish Greenspace in Summer Session 1 as well as Garden Art in European Culture during the fall and spring semesters.

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