Architecture & Design Session Exhibition Showcases Student Work

The Architecture & Design Summer Session students hosted an exhibition at the end of the summer, where students from various design courses shared their final projects.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The students were from represented every session course, including Architecture Design Studio, Architecture Foundations Studio, Graphic Design Studio, Graphic Design Foundations Studio, Interior Architecture Studio, Urban Design Studio, and Furniture Design Studio.

The projects varied between each course; assignments included designing a bike pavilion at Copenhagen’s main train station, designing an urban recreation space at Sø Pavilion, creating a chair with a Scandinavian aesthetic, as well as developing a new logo and visual identity for a company. The projects varied dramatically in concept and design, but all possessed a great deal of creativity and skill.

Following the exhibition was a social where the awards were given out. Students came away feeling inspired by their peers’ work throughout the summer as well as their own.

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