DIS Announces New Facilities in Stockholm

DIS Announces New Facilities in Stockholm

Though students will not occupy the classrooms until the fall 2016 semester, DIS is pleased to announce that our new base in Stockholm has been found.

DIS DIS Stockholm Semester

DIS Stockholm will be located under the same roof as the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The brand new building will house classrooms, administrative spaces, and several concert halls and auditoriums. The building is centrally located in the heart of Stockholm. Nearby are the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm Olympic Stadium, as well as parks and public transportation.

DIS staff will officially take over our new space in May 2016 to start preparing for the first incoming class of students. Meanwhile, we are already working well ahead on our curriculum and networking with local experts to build our faculty in Stockholm, as well as searching for Homestays and Visiting Hosts so we are able to offer several of our signature cultural engagement opportunities to the first class of DIS Stockholm students. The coming year will be an exciting one for DIS staff as we prepare!

While we are building out our new institute, the building space is also newly being built. Swedish Architecture office ‘In Praise of Shadow’ is designing our interior space. DIS Copenhagen students enrolled in the DIS Architecture & Design Program have visited their office many times over the years while on study tour. AIX Architects are the architects designing the overall building which has already attracted attention world-wide for its cutting-edge facility for research of the artistic and pedagogical aspects of music. Akademiska Hus will be our ambitious landlord with a mission of working to “strengthen Sweden as a nation of knowledge.”

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