DIS Introduces Computer Science Program

DIS Computer Science Program Debuts This Semester

This semester DIS introduced its first core course in the Computer Science program.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The course, Game Development: Programming and Practice with its Corequisite Game Development Lab, explores the gaming industry in Denmark as well as instructs students on how to design and develop a 2D or 3D game.

In a few weeks, students will travel on their Week-Long-Study Tour to Germany, which is home to the second largest video game market in Europe, and Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming convention.

DIS Faculty member Morten Nobel-Jørgensen has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and computer science, and is the owner of a computer game publishing company, Kickstart Games. Morten was recently interviewed on the DIS Blog, where he shared his passion for computer science and excitement for his first semester of teaching at DIS. Read Morten’s interview here.

The enthusiasm shown thus far is a great prediction of the courses’ success this semester.

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