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Spring Students Honored with Academic Excellence

At the conclusion of each semester, DIS recognizes students with Academic Excellence awards, in response to their semester-long commitment, passion, and engagement to their Program.

DIS faculty have described these students as creative, reflective, curious, compassionate, and active participants of their courses who have offered critical reflection during week-long study tours, field studies, and in the DIS classroom.

The following students received Academic Excellence Awards this spring:

Architecture: Zachary Williams, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Biomedicine: Grace Putka, Macalester College

Child Development & Diversity: Bryden Giving, Gustavus Adolphus College

Communication: Mauri Elizabeth Honickman, Tufts University, and Abigail Tupa, Saint Olaf College

European Humanities: Ian Rice, Wesleyan University

European Politics: Rossi Anastopoulo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Global Economics: Meghan Fuelling from Claremont McKenna College

Graphic Design: Symone Fogg, Georgetown University

Interior Architecture: Tathya Yuki Abe, Brown University

International Business: Elizabeth McKinnon, University of Virginia

Justice & Human Rights: Eliza Norris, University of British Columbia

Medical Practice & Policy: Dhruv Adawal, University of Maryland, College Park

Neuroscience: Adam Elwood, Muhlenberg College

Psychology: Aislinn McKeown from Kenyon College

Public Health: Kei Helm, Kenyon College

Sociology: Elizabeth Mediati, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and Perri Meeks, Barnard College

Sustainability: Elizabeth Shaw, College of William and Mary

Urban Design: Kathleen Hanley, Harvard University

Urban Studies: Zoe Baker-Peng, Barnard College

Read more about the Academic Excellence award, specifically for the architecture and design programs, in a blog post written by DIS Program Director, Henning Thomsen.

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