Nordic Art in the Studio Final Exhibition Displayed

Nordic Art in the Studio Final Exhibition Displayed

The last week of the first summer session featured the final exhibition of students enrolled in the new summer course, Nordic Art in the Studio, taught by Ricardo Gomes.

Nordic art is historically influenced by the rawness of the natural elements: special light, complex landscape, dramatic seascape and challenging climate. As well as studying these elements, students in the Nordic Art in the Studio course focused in on another founding characteristic of Nordic Art: the relation between art and space. Students explored this relationship through three artistic tasks, all of which were displayed at the final exhibition.

The first task started with a visit to Thorvaldsen’s Museum. Students took photographs tracking spacial sequences and light effects in Nordic painting, specifically looking at the work of Vilhelm Hammershøi. These photos served as inspiration for experimental sketches and collages. After studying the history of Danish brick architecture and the work of Per Kirkeby, students started their second task of making small creations using white Lego pieces, again keeping in mind the relationship between space and light. Finally, in their third and final task, these Lego structures were used to develop large cardboard installations.

Displaying all three steps of the artistic process invited the audience to track and reflect the students’ understanding of Nordic elements in art, as well as clearly see the process through which inspiration can take root and evolve.

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