DIS Introduces New Student Art Space

DIS Introduces New Student Art Space

The last week of the spring semester featured the opening of the first Student Art Space at DIS!

The Student Art Space was initiated by Monica Rabii, DIS Alumna and European Humanities Program Assistant, who thought it would be nice to have more student art on display at DIS. Monica also saw it as an opportunity to “provide a creative outlet reflecting on the paradox of the study abroad experience: a temporary period with a permanent impact.”

To reflect this, the DIS Student Art Space acts as a dynamic space that constantly changes and reflects each semester’s unique identity, encapsulating the creative expression of the study abroad experience. Each semester there will be a new call for submissions; once new works are collected, DIS will install the art from the previous semester around classroom buildings and student lounges. Over time, student artwork will cover the walls of DIS, displaying a greater sense of creative history.

The current exhibition, located in a popular student lounge, features works by full-year students, Emilio Munoz from California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma, and Jeffrey Chung, Bowdoin College. Emilio worked with a variety of materials, and linked four installations conceptually focused on the “making of the self,” while Jeffrey contributed to the exhibit with four photographs all dealing with “surface tension.”

Find more information about the DIS Student Art Space project and initiative here.

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