Students Present at DIS Research Poster Symposium

Twenty Students Present at DIS Research Poster Symposium

Students concluded semester-long research projects by presenting at the second annual Research Poster Symposium.

With DIS staff, faculty, homestay hosts, fellow classmates, roommates, and friends in attendance, students and their supervisors shared their research through a poster exhibit. Students involved were either enrolled in the Science Research Practicum or Epidemiology: Register-based Research Project courses, and devoted 15-20 hours per week to their research.

For students in the Science Research Practicum, working with a supervisor from a research institute in Copenhagen is one of the most exciting facets of the project. In this mentorship, students projects contribute to the supervisors’ current and ongoing research. Prior to arriving to DIS, students are selected through an application process and then matched to a supervisor and their Copenhagen-based Research Institution.

Students in the Epidemiology: Register-based Research Project work with up-to-date population based statistical data. Consulting with DIS faculty member My von Euler-Chelpin, students use this real data to understand epidemiology. The data covers a number of non-communicable diseases and is linked with information on various demographic, socioeconomic, and educational indicators.

The event was kicked off by Stephanie Clemente, coordinator and developer of the Science Research Practicum, who congratulated students on their job well done and thanked supervisors for opening their doors to DIS. The Symposium continued with discussion fueled by the research topics presented.

Students worked with a number of prestigious research institutes and organizations, including:

Cardiac CT group, The Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet

Clinical Eye Research Unit, Department of Ophthalmology, Roskilde Hospital

Center for Epidemiology and Screening, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR), Hvidovre Hospital

Department of Cardiology, Hvidovre Hospital

Department of Chemistry (Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry Group), University of Copenhagen

Department of Neurology, Roskilde Hospital

Institute of Sports Medicine, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Bispebjerg Hospital

Neuropsychiatric laboratory, Rigshospitalet

School of Global Health, University of Copenhagen

Students in Science Research Practicum students, and Their Project Titles:

Kelsey Benton, University of Saint Thomas: LAD tortuosity in patients with hypertension

Kristyn Borrelli, University of Delaware: Nature and severity of ventricular arrhythmia in non-ischemic heart failure: A DANISH Holter Substudy

Blair Downey, University of New Hampshire: Effect of Low-Dose GLP-1 Receptor Activation on Relapse-Induced Alcohol Consumption

Kristina Fredriksen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Long-Term Exposures to Air Pollution on Pneumonia Hospitalizations in Elderly Adults: a Cohort Study

Charlie Generotti, Gettysburg College: Intracoronary Transluminal Attenuation Gradient in the Healthy Population

Christine Hildreth, Princeton University: Status Epilepticus: Natural History and State of Drug Treatment

Heidi Roeber, University of Colorado at Boulder: Can Losartan help to reduce sarcopenia in aging adults?

Delia Scoville, Oberlin College: Consanguinity and Fertility: A Systematic Literature Review

Leyao Shen, Vassar College: Progression of Age‐related Macular Degeneration between assessment and treatment visit: a clinical cross‐sectional study

Becca Shope, Scripps College: The Natural Statistics of Behavioral Homeostasis

Jared Swezey-Gleason, Brandeis University: The Analysis of Diffusion and Structural MRI in Applications to the Aging Brain

Emily Woolard, Meredith College: The Relation between Sustained Attention and Form and Motion Coherence and the White Matter Microstructure Underlying Cortical Regions Responsible for FMC

Claire Yao, Cornell University: A systematic review of type 2 diabetes mellitus epidemiology in response to traffic air pollution,

Emily Zygiel, Stonehill College: Fenton and Fenton-like Protein Carbonylation

Students in the Epidemiology: Register-based Research Project and Their Project Titles:

Sofia Apitz, Tulane University: The positive effects of parental leave on the health of the child via breastfeeding,

Grant Conway, American University: A Hidden Hazard Burdening New Workplaces: Occupationally-Acquired Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Alexa Edmier, American University: Lack of access to health services and the effect on transmission of Ebola

Stephanie Mehlman, Tulane University: Peanuts: From Consumption to Allergy

Ashani Peterkin, Brandeis University: An Analysis of the Changing trends in Sexual Behavior Among Populations Vulnerable to HIV in Western Europe

Fabiana Simone, College of Charleston: Vitamin D Levels in Northern and Southern Europe and the Effect on Tuberculosis, Hip Fracture, and Influenza Rates

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