DIS Faculty Member Paves Way for Constructive Journalism

DIS Faculty Member Paves Way for Constructive Journalism

As the one person in the world innovating journalism through positive psychology, DIS faculty member, Cathrine Gyldensted will collaborate with the Huffington Post to jumpstart their global initiative of using constructive journalism in reporting.

In late February, Ariana Huffington introduced her interest in constructive journalism in an article titled, What’s Working: All the News That’s Fit to Print. Here, she debates the old expression, “If it bleeds, it leads,” where formerly, popular news focused on negative and conflict-based stories. Today, having seen the spark in attraction to stories with positive angles, Ariana Huffington has sought out Cathrine as a resource to train their journalists on how to implement constructive journalism methodology into their reporting. Cathrine is excited to share her knowledge with the HuffPost team in April, where she will present a systemic approach to solution-based and future-oriented angles, and prove that journalism can include positive elements while still being critical. Read Cathrine’s recent article on this topic from the Huffington Post here.

This is not the first international connection Cathrine has had in her line of work. She previously lived in Washington, D.C., working as a correspondent for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. While living in the U.S., she enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania to study a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. The program was chartered by renowned Positive Psychologist, Martin Seligman, who was interested in exploring how positive psychology could be applied in real life contexts. Taught by many of positive psychology’s greats, Cathrine studied in a classroom with classmates coming from a variety of disciplines – from nursing to business, military studies, health, and coaching.

Cathrine’s passion for the concept of constructive journalism has opened many doors in the past few years. The first Ph.D. student in the world studying constructive journalism at University of Chapel Hill – North Carolina, will get her degree with Cathrine on her committee of advisors. Alongside teaching at DIS, Cathrine works as a consultant to a series of international media companies, giving trainings to reporters on how to implement positive psychology into their approach to communication. This spring, her recently published textbook, Håndbog I konstructiv journalistik, which will be translated to English. The textbook discusses how to use positive psychology in the stories we tell and report.

At DIS, Cathrine fittingly teaches Changing the News: Communication and Positive Psychology, an interdisciplinary course. She has been with DIS since 2013.

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